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Louisiana law is instructive. See also Adoption (acts). 

The Private Adoption Act of 1979 does not provide for any method whereby the act of surrender may be set aside because of vitiated consent. However, the executed act of surrender, although highly regulated and specialized, is in essence a contract, namely an agreement by two or more parties whereby obligations are created, modified, or extinguished. La.Civ. Code art. 1906. Accordingly, as in other agreements, the consent necessary to the surrender of a child for private adoption may be vitiated by error, fraud or duress. 

This view prevails in other jurisdictions. Batton v. Massar, 149 Colo. 404, 410-11, 369 P.2d 434, 437 (1962) (duress and fraud); Re Adoption of P.R. McD., 440 So.2d 57, 58 (Fla.App. 4th Dist.1983) (duress); Duncan v. Harden, 234 Ga. 204, 206-7, 214 S.E.2d 890, 892 (1975) (error); Petition of Steve B.D., 111 Idaho 285, 723 P.2d 829, 835 (1986) (duress); In re Petition of Huebert, 132 Ill.App.2d 793, 796-99, 270 N.E.2d 464, 466-69 (Ill.App.Ct. 1st Dist.1971) (duress and fraud); Stotler v. Lutheran Social Service of Iowa, 209 N.W.2d 121, 127 (Iowa 1973) (error); Skaggs v. ...

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