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Louisiana law is instructive. The Private Adoption Act of 1979 provides that a parent of either a natural or legitimate child may execute a voluntary surrender of custody of the child for private adoption. La.R.S. 9:422.3.[2] If the act of surrender is executed in accordance with the procedures contained in the Act, the formal act constitutes evidence of a legal and voluntary surrender. Id. The voluntary surrender may be made only to a person or couple qualified to petition for adoption of the child and only for the purpose of actually adopting the child. La.R.S. 9:422.5. Additionally, the surrendering parent must sign the surrendering document freely and voluntarily, and the parent must be informed and understand that his or her rights to the child are to be terminated. La.R.S. 9:422.6(2) and (4). The act of surrender may not be signed before the fifth day following the child's birthday, and the surrendering parent must be represented by an attorney at the execution of the act. La.R.S. 9:422.7. However, to preserve anonymity, an attorney at law may be named in the act of surrender as representative of the adopting parents. La.R.S. 9:422.9.


By an act of surrender, the surrendering ...

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