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It is well settled that an agency subpoena is enforceable if the subpoena is issued for a proper purpose authorized by Congress, if the information sought is relevant to that purpose and is adequately described within the subpoena, and the statutory procedures have been followed in the subpoena's issuance. U.S. v. Comley,890 F.2d 539, 541 (1st Cir.1989). The role of the court in evaluating the propriety of the subpoena, is limited to an examination as to whether all of these requirements have been met. Id. If the investigation is within the authority of the agency, the information sought reasonably relevant and the subpoena sufficiently definite, the court must enforce the subpoena. U.S. v. Morton Salt Co.,338 U.S. 632, 652, 70 S.Ct. 357, 368, 94 L.Ed. 401 (1950). An affidavit from a government official is sufficient to establish a prima facie showing that the requirements have been met. U.S. v. Comley, 890 F.2d at 541. 

A determination of whether the pursuit of a civil suit against the plaintiffs would be cost effective is not a proper purpose to issue a subpoena. An agency may not freely peruse personal financial records in order to determine ...

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