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The Supreme Court has rejected the argument that an agency's interpretation 'is not entitled to deference because it represents a sharp break with prior interpretations' of the statute in question. Chevron, 467 U.S. at 467 U. S. 862. In Chevron, the court held that a revised interpretation deserves deference because '[a]n initial agency interpretation is not instantly carved in stone,' and 'the agency, to engage in informed rulemaking, must consider varying interpretations and the wisdom of its policy on a continuing basis.' Id. at 467 U. S. 863-864. An agency is not required to 'establish rules of conduct to last forever,'' 463 U. S. 42 (1983), quoting American Trucking Assns., Inc. v. Atchinson, T. & S.F.R. Co., 387 U. S. 397, 387 U. S. 416 (1967); NLRB v. Curtin Matheson Scientific, Inc., 494 U. S. 775 (1990), but rather 'must be given ample latitude to `adapt [its] rules and policies to the demands of changing circumstances.'' Motor Vehicle Mfrs., supra, 463 U.S. at 463 U. S. 42, quoting Permian Basin Area Rate Cases, 390 U. S. 747, 390 U. S. 784 (1968). 

An agency's interpretation of a statute is not entitled to ...

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