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These are the Issuer’s net earnings and after charges for interest and dividends, adjusted on a pro forma basis to reflect: 1. The elimination of any required charges for debt, debt securities, or preferred stock that are to be redeemed or retired from the proceeds derived from the public offering of preferred stock; 2. The effect of any acquisitions or capital expenditures that were made by the Issuer after its last fiscal year, or which are proposed or required to be made during the current fiscal year, which materially affect the Issuer’s net earnings; 3. The effect of charges or dividends on debt, debt securities or preferred stock issued after the Issuer’s last fiscal year; 4. The effect of any charges or dividends on debt, debt securities or preferred stock that were issued during the Issuer’s last fiscal year, but which were outstanding for only a portion of such fiscal year, as if charges or dividends, such debt, debt securities or preferred stock had been outstanding for the entire fiscal year; and 5. The effect of any other material changes to an Issuer’s future net earnings.

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