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Ad inquirendum tam per sacrum proborum et legalium hominum com' n'ri South'ton quam per depositiones quorum- cunque testium, ac omnibus aliis viis mediis quibuscunque, ' Si Prior aut Prioratus S'ci Swithini Winton, in jure domus, sive Prioratus, fuit seisitus in quibusdam terris vocat' Woodcrofts, &c. ut parcell' de manerio de Hinton-Daubney: Necnon 'Si Henricus pater noster (in ejus vita) Dominus Edwardus Sexlus Regina Maria, aut nos ipsi, a tempore dissolutionis Prioratus S'ci Swithini' &c.

Latin. To inquire as well by the oath of good and lawful men of our county of Southampton, as well as by the depositions of all the witnesses, and by all manner of other means whatsoever, ' Whether the Prior or Priory of Saint Swithin at Winchester, in right of the house (or monastery) or priory was seized of certain lands called Woodcrofts, &c., as parcel of the manor of Hinton- Daubney: or if Henry our Father (in his lifetime) our Lord Edward the Sixth, Queen Mary, or we ourselves (were seized) from the time of the dissolution of Saint Swithin's Priory,' &c. 

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