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Latin. Sufficient to satisfy the moral conviction of the judge. This refers to questions of probation, where direct proof of acts alleged cannot be obtained, and where the judge is entitled to accept of less than such direct evidence. This used to occur frequently in cases of affiliation, where the judge might be satisfied of the paternity without direct proof of connection, although in such cases the proof required to amount to more than affording a ground merely for suspicion. When the mind of the judge has thus been convinced, an oath in supplement is allowed to complete the otherwise defective proof; but the oath in supplement is now scarcely known in practice, as by the Act 16 and 17 Viet., cap. 20, parties are allowed to be examined as witnesses for themselves in almost all cases. On this point, see the opinions given in the case of Scott, 2d Dec. 1856, 19 D. 119. 

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