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Latin. As to the civil effect. The civil effect referred to in this phrase is the effect or result of any act at common law, as distinguished from the effect or result of the same act before a criminal tribunal. Many acts have this double effect. A person charged with culpable homicide may be sentenced to be punished for his criminal act by the Justiciary Court, but that does not exclude the civil effect of his act, which still exists in the shape of an action for assythment at the instance of the next of kin of the deceased. A thief is liable at common law for the value of the goods stolen. The civil effect of the crime of perjury was formerly, to render the person guilty of it incapable of bearing testimony in a court of justice. The decision of the one court on the civil effect of an act does not in any case rule the decision of the other court. The Court of Session may find that a bill alleged to be forged is a valid document of debt, and give decree on it, but that will not prevent a criminal prosecution, nor the ...

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