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Latin. (Civil law) For the shortfall in value. An action by the vendee on an implied warranty of quality wherein he claimed a reduction in the price corresponding with the lower value caused by the defect. 

This action, as well as the actio redhibitoria, arose from- the contract of sale. If the purchaser, after delivery, discovered some latent fault in the subject purchased, he was entitled by the actio redhibitoria to have the seller ordained to take back the subject and restore the price; or, if the purchaser was so disposed, he might retain the subject, and under the action quanti minoris (which was also called the actio æstimatoria) recover as much of the price as exceeded what he might reasonably have given for the subject had he known of the defect. The actio redhibitoria could be raised any time within six months of the sale, and the actio æstimatoria within a year, but of these actions the purchaser had merely an alternative choice, for the raising of one of them, excluded the other. 

The actio quanti minoris, in so far as it proceeds upon the ground of the value of the subject being ...

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