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(Civil law) An action against a master on a contract made by his slave, acting as his business manager. An action against a principal by one who contracted with the principal's business agent. 

An action against a master or a father who had respectively given a slave, or a child sub potentate charge of a certain business, to enforce liabilities incurred by the slave or child in reference to the business which each had been appointed to conduct. There is a similar ground of action in our law. A husband is liable for the obligations incurred by a wife in a business in which he has placed her, or which she superintends with his acquiescence; a principal is bound by the acts of his agent, where they do not exceed the ordinary powers of such an agent, and ' the person who has the management of a shop has a presumed general authority to bind his principal by his proper acts of administration as shop-keeper. The actio exorcitoria is of a like character, but refers only to the acts of a ship-master, which are binding upon the ship-owner. These actions derive their names from the person charged ...

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