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That which is done or doing; the voluntary exercise of power, or the effect, of which power exerted is the cause; a performance; a deed. In specific uses: (a) The result of public deliberation; the decision or determination of a legislative body, council, court of justice, etc.; a decree, edit, law, judgment, resolve, award; as, an act of Parliament, or of Congress. (b) A formal solemn writing, expressing that something has been done. (c) A performance of part of a play; one of the principal divisions of a play or dramatic work in which a certain definite part of the action is completed. (d) A thesis maintained in public, in some English universities, by a candidate for a degree, or to show the proficiency of a student. A state of reality or real existence as opposed to a possibility or possible existence. 

Syn. - See Action.

 - vb. To move to action; to actuate; to animate. To perform; to execute; to do. To perform, as an actor; to represent dramatically on the stage. To assume the office or character of; to play; to personate; as, to act the hero. To feign or counterfeit; ...

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