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Latin. An accessory follows the nature (or, acquires the character) of the subject or right to which it accedes. There is a case where ' one who had, in security of a purchase of lands, acquired right to the escheat of the seller, was not allowed to ascribe his possession to the gift of escheat, but was obliged to apply it to the minute of sale, because that was the principal and the sovereign right.' The right, as donee of the Crown in the escheat, became thus a mere corroboration, and partook of the character of the antecedent singular title. A farther illustration may be taken from the case, where an additional moveable security is taken for a debt already heritably secured. The taking of the movable security does not make the debt moveable, but, being an accessory, would partake of the nature of its principal, and would consequently, in a question of succession, descend to the heir, and not to the executor.

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