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No contract is formed by the listing of a subcontractor in a general contractor's bid. This is true even though a subcontractor may be bound to his bid as submitted to the general contractor by operation of promissory estoppel. See Constructors Supply Co. v. Bostrom Sheet Metal Works, Inc., 291 Minn. 113, 190 N.W.2d 71 (1971). In Mitchell v. Siqueiros, 99 Idaho 396, 582 P.2d 1074 (1978), the general contractor had listed the subcontractor in its bid for construction of a school. The listing of proposed subcontractors was required by statute. After winning the contract, the general tendered a written contract to the subcontractor. It was then discovered that the subcontractor had not procured a required license. The general then hired a different, more costly, subcontractor and sued the original subcontractor to recover the increased costs. 

The court discussed the existing case law at some length and concluded: It is a settled common law contract principle that utilizing a subcontractor's bid in submitting the prime or general contract bid does not, without more, constitute an acceptance of the subcontractor's offer conditioned upon being awarded the general contract by the awarding authority. * * * Unless the ...

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