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If the party who has reserved the right to home office approval of a proposed contract indicates its unqualified acceptance in some other manner, such as by performance in accordance with the contract, the parties will be bound by the contract. Corbin contains an explanation of this alternative form of acceptance of a proposed contract with a home office approval provision: [W]here a manufacturer through a sales representative successfully solicits an order, the solicitation may result in the customer signing an order form prepared by the manufacturer. Usually this order form casts the customer in the role of the offeror. The form may specify that the manufacturer will be bound only by the signed acceptance at the home office. Such forms should be interpreted realistically and such maxims as 'the offeror is master of the offer' should be applied warily in this context. If the offeree authored the form and the clauses providing for the means of acceptance, it should have the power to waive such clauses, unless the offeror has relied on the terms of the offer. [1 Corbin on Contracts § 3.34 (Perillo rev. ed.1993) (emphasis added).]

The most unequivocal form of waiver of a provision ...

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