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Latin. From board and hearth. From bed and board. A divorce between husband and wife, which does not make the marriage void, ab initio, or from the beginning. A divorce from bed and board does not dissolve the marriage; for the cause of it is subsequent to the marriage, and supposes the marriage to have been lawful - this divorce may be by reason of adultery in either of the parties; for cruelty of the husband; and for other reasons. And as a divorce a mensa et thoro does not dissolve the marriage, so it doth not debar the woman of her dower; or bastardize the issue; or make void any estate for the life of the husband and wife. 

This is a judicial separation of husband and wife, which the wife may obtain on the ground of cruelty, &c. It puts an end to the husband's powers over the wife's person, but does not otherwise interfere with his marital rights. Until very lately, it was the only kind of separation granted by the law courts of England, a divorce a vinculo not being obtainable, except under an Act of Parliament. This is now altered, and ...

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