About Us

We are a group of hard-working computer programmers who in 1989 had an idea that we could create Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs to do legal research and legal analysis.

We have made a series of breakthroughs since we have started.

We now have a complex Super Computer Program that can define all legal words used in all cases. We feed the program 100,000's of cases, and it outputs definitions of all the keywords as well as all the idiomatic legal concepts

That program began producing superior output from June 2005, and we used that output to make a law dictionary called Dean's Law Dictionary.

We add 50-100 new definitions per day as well as upgrades to current definitions.

Dean's law dictionary expands at the rate of 15-20% per year, and it is already more than 80 times larger than Black's Law Dictionary.

What we have produced is radically different than what you expect in a law dictionary. It is so much better. Couple that with the fact you can easily search, copy and paste and there are voice pronunciations of the keywords and things start to get interesting.