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Dean's Law Dictionary installs on your computer in just a few seconds. Version 83 now has over 173,740 entries and 247,584 word and phrases defined! No one even comes close!


Plus, it's so easy to copy and paste any of the materials into your standard word processor for immediate and efficient usage. You can't do that with a printed law dictionary! What good is a dictionary if you can't copy and paste out of it what you need for personal usage?


Dean's has enhanced print size. Let's face it. Not everyone has great eye-sight and it is almost impossible for people with good eye sight to read a printed legal dictionary let alone someone with not so good eye sight. We have enhanced screen views for Dean's law that you will find pure pleasure. Does your printed law dictionary allow you to change the screen view to make it easier to read?


And does your printed law dictionary have an easy to type in look up function? With Dean's all you need to do is to start typing the letters into the look up box and as you do Dean's immediately begins to take you where you want to go. If you get near where you need to be but just don't know how to spell the word, the easy to use scroll down menu can get you where you need to be in a second or two.


We also have one cool feature we named Invisible Hyperlinks™. Just highlight a word (up to 3) anywhere in the Dean' s and it will look it up in Dean's. If you see a word in a definition that you need to look up you can use Invisible Hyperlinks™ and highlight it to navigate through words and definitions as fast as you can move your mouse. Bet your printed legal dictionary dinosaur can't do that!


Or how about a full fledged search function that allows you to look up any word or combinations of words in the entire law dictionary!


This edition of Dean's Law Dictionary has over


·         331,001 case cites! 7,100 + Statutory Legal Definitions from federal statutory law.

·         1000's of web address links

·         4,500+ Abbreviations

·         Over 9,200+ Quotations from famous and prominent legal scholars, and opinions Over 65,000+ Synonyms,

·         A 26,181 Word Latin dictionary

·         100's of comparisons, and our now infamous Words of Wit™.

·         80,000+ Leading and prominent cases reviewed for the comprehensive and up to date legal definitions. We track new cases and holdings on a daily basis that affect major areas of the law. Each day we also add cases that are not yet in our database. As such, our periodic upgrades are extremely accurate.


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