Dean's Law Dictionary is the only law dictionary with full legal cites. It is the fastest growing and premier legal dictionary

Before you download, install or order Dean' s it is best to read the entire instructions so you get a general idea of what must be done.

To download the product please click here! The current price for downloading and ordering Dean's Law Dictionary from the free demo version is $69.95 plus any applicable tax. There are no shipping charges and your 3 annual upgrades can be downloaded for free when they become due. Once you click on the link you will be prompted to save or open the download. We want you to save it. So hit save. Then you will be immediately sent to another screen to determine where to save it and under what name. Leave the name alone but at the top of the screen make sure that you browse to your Desktop. That is the best place to save the installation program you will be downloading as that will be the easiest place to find it. After you hit save. The download will begin.

When it is finished simply go to your desktop to install the program. Double click on the Deanslawdictionary.exe program you just downloaded. There are prompts that you must fill in as you install the program and choose the preferences you like. It is best just to accept all the default locations. Once the installation program has been completed you can launch the program. To launch the program simply go to Start\All Programs\Deans Dictionary.

You will be prompted to agree to our license agreement. You will then be at the start up page for the program. The program will function in Demo mode for 3 days. You can look at everything except you will not be able to copy, paste, or print and after 3 days access to the data will be cut off.

To purchase simply hit the button on the start up page called Product Registration/Purchase, and follow the directions.

After you are finished with registering, take a blank CD and immediately make a copy of the installation file you saved to your desktop. Put that CD and your registration information into a safe place just in case you need to reload and you can't get internet access.