Dean's Law Dictionary is the only law dictionary with full legal cites. It is the fastest growing and premier legal dictionary

Why do law students who have Dean's use it on average 11.9 Times per Day?

Over the past two years, a good number of law students are using  Dean's Law Dictionary as their primary learning tool and they are getting really great results. They are Getting Getting A's in Law School and they are Passing their Bar Exams!

With Dean's you can learn the complex idiomatic law and have true understanding, which allows for easier memorization of the law as well as vastly superior legal analysis on law school and bar exams. You can efficiently master such terms as jurisdiction, nuisance, negligence, proximate cause, felony murder, res ipsa loquitur, negligence per se, mens rea, consideration and manifestation of contractual intent to name just a few.

All of these terms are idiomatic and defy one or two line or even one paragraph definitions. However, with Dean's you can read all the definitions and sub-definitions and gain true understanding.

With Dean's as a primary learning tool you first look at your casebook and determine the general topic of the cases you need to brief.  If the topic is nuisance, you then immediately look up nuisance in Dean's  and read all the definitions and sub definitions. Once that is done they go to the Law Outlines on Rom Law and look up the material they need to memorize on nuisance. Then and only then do they read the case assignments. However, now you are reading them with an initial understanding of the law of nuisance.

The vast majority now find that they can easily understand the case because they know a good deal about the idiomatic legal term nuisance. If they have Rom Law, they can easily edit the casebriefs therein and they are ready for class. Most then go back to nuisance in Dean'sand locate the information about the case they just casebriefed and then they copy and paste that information into their outline next to the case name. 

The rereading of the information in Dean's begins a reinforcement of their knowledge and gives them true understanding of the law they just learned from the specific case. Putting it in their outline begins the memorization process with true understanding of the terms. They repeat this process for each case.

Most of them already have Rom Law so the extra time they spend reading Dean's is time saved from not having to create their own casebriefs and law outlines on nuisance. Not only do they have true understanding of nuisance, they also know all the information that might find its way into a bar exam. Dean's has all the information about nuisance and not just the limited information found in casebooks. In most instances those who read Dean's know more law than most professors.

You of course can download Deans Law Dictionary and try out this study method for free.


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